Tarlaquena Catering

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Our Services

  • In House and Outside Catering (Weddings, Children’s Party, Debut, Seminars)
  • Venue Rental (The Village Patio)
  • Food Orders / Packed Meals
  • Canteen Concession/ Operation

Tarlaqueña Catering

Tarlaqueña Catering Services is owned and operated by Ms. Ma. Dinna Mendoza – Tolentino. A seasoned restaurateur and caterer, Ms. Tolentino is backed by more than twenty years of experience in the restaurant / catering business as President and General Manager of Tarlaqueña Food Specialists, Inc. – a family owned corporation specializing in catering and services

A service – focused family business venture, management is strengthened by the father – daughter team of Ramon C. Tolentino and Maan C. Tolentino with their combined experience and training in management, banking and culinary arts.The company boasts a stable team of time - tested administrative staff, cooks, food handlers and service crew.